"The Fast Bucksaw is the most beautifully crafted folding saw I've seen."

" ... durable efficiency with undeniable style"

From "Camp Saws" by Robert Kimber, Country Journal, November '88

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The FAST BUCKSAW was designed by Paul Swanstrom, in co-operation with Cliff Jacobson, noted outdoor writer. They were dissatisfied with the metal-framed folding camp saws on the market: they were too flimsy: they didnít pack well, and they wouldnít cut big logs.

The FAST BUCKSAW gives canoeists, backpackers and family campers, a truly collapsible saw with full stroke cutting efficiency and minimum bulk. It collapses to a discreet 2 inches by 21 inches with the blade folded safely inside the handles. This handcrafted saw feels like a one-piece unit. Assembly and take down are fast and easy with the attached wing nuts and shock cord. The FAST BUCKSAW is made of hard maple and has a hand-rubbed oil finish. The aluminum hardware assures an honest weight of just under 16 oz.

A 30 inch FAST BUCKSAW, (30m), is now available for those who want a large, fast cutting saw that folds for safe transport. This saw weighs 30 oz., and is not for canoeing or backpacking, but is great for trail cutting or any time you canít use a chain saw. It cuts even faster with one person on each side. The price is the same but add $2.00 more for shipping. Handwrite 30m on the order form so we know you definitely want the larger saw.